Weekly Roundup - Sceneri Levels Up with Characters

A Jam-Packed Week of Content and Learning!

Weekly Roundup - Sceneri Levels Up with Characters

We have been quite busy within the Sceneri team as of late, and this past week has been jam-packed with updates and articles. We have looked at our integration with Jolt physics and the in-app workflows for dynamics, powered by the same Jolt solution. Additionally, we have taken some of these same workflows and laid them out in a "How-To" section directly within the documentation.

Let's have a closer look at all the updates throughout this past week and future updates to come!

Upcoming Character Updates

Looking ahead, we are actively importing and prepping characters to hit the platform for usage within your creations. These characters range from bipeds to quadrupeds, and all contain full walk cycles for playing as a character in your game. Lots of credit goes to the CC0 creator Quaternius and his character library, which provides full controllable characters that you can easily add to any app with a little effort.

Blog Recap

Jolt physics

Jolt comes deeply integrated to support fully dynamic physics such as rigidbody walking characters, cars & trucks and motorcycles. Every scene is dynamic in Sceneri, which is proven further as you can push character and cars with kinematic components, or attach rope constraints directly to your character to leash them to an area.

AI-Powered Adventures

Generative AI is revolutionizing games and real-time media creation supporting the generation 2D textures, procedural 3D models, and even complete scenes in the future. We are big believers in integrating generative AI deeply into the Sceneri platform, supercharging iteration time and opening up new possibilities for creating visually stunning worlds.


UV Maps and You

The importance of UV mapping in game dev cannot be overstated. It is an essential part of the process of creating high-quality, realistic textures. By understanding the basics of UV mapping, developers can create better games that are more visually appealing and efficient.

Documentation Updates

Various updates have been made to the documentation, ranging from a brand new "How To" section to a glossary of common terms for game creation. Additionally, we have split the Sceneri Interface section into separate articles for larger panels, such as the Add Component panel. This will allow for more detailed descriptions of the properties and components housed within.

Make sure to visit our YouTube channel or check out our official Discord, where the team actively engages with the community and shares daily progress!

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