Going Global! Sceneri's Latest Update is Here

Sceneri 0.6 is Packed with New Features for Smooth Onboarding and More Complex Game Mechanics

Going Global! Sceneri's Latest Update is Here

We are super excited to announce the release of Sceneri 0.6, the latest update of our no-code gaming platform for the new generation of gamers. This update brings users MANY new features and enhancements that will make your creation experience more smooth and immersive than ever before. Whether you want to play, create, or share amazing games without coding, Sceneri 0.6 has something for you. Let’s take a look at what’s new in this release.

Onboarding Tutorial

If you are new to Sceneri or want to refresh your skills, we improved the startup flow to guide new players and creators through their first steps in Sceneri, from creating their profile, to playing and remixing their first game! You will love our new Onboarding Tutorial which will guide you through your first steps of playing and creating your first game, explaining how to select, move and duplicate objects and how to publish your project. You will learn how to use the tools and components that Sceneri offers, and how to unleash your creativity and make your own games.

Gizmo Improvements

We have made some significant improvements to the move gizmo, which is the tool that allows you to move objects around in the scene. The move gizmo is now easier to work with, and the “move planes” for moving on two axes at the same time received a much needed facelift to be way clearer!

Asset Distributor

One of the coolest new features in Sceneri 0.6 is the Asset Distributor, a tool that helps you automatically place assets along a spline! A spline is a curved line that you can draw in the scene, and can be used for creating ropes, paths, rails and more. With the Asset Distributor, you can select an asset from the asset browser and distribute it along a spline with a single click. This is very useful for creating things like road signs, trees, fences, or anything else that you want to repeat along a straight or curved line.

Physics Grab

Another awesome new feature in Sceneri 0.6 is the Physics Grab tool, allowing you to “grab” any object in the scene and transform it into a dynamic physics object. This means that you can drag it around physically, and it will interact with other objects and gravity. You can use this tool to create fun and realistic interactions in your games, such as throwing objects, knocking things over, or swinging them around. We love using it to dismantle each others' games!

Camera Control Settings

We have also added some new camera control settings in the gameplay pause menu, where you can now decide if the camera axis should be inverted or not and adjust other general camera settings. This will give you more control over how you view and navigate your games, and make them more comfortable for your preferences.

Asset Switcher

The Asset Switcher is another new feature that lets you pick an asset from the asset browser when editing a component in the inspector. For example, you can change a mesh for another one or switch sounds. This will make it easier for you to customize your games and experiment with different assets.

Transmitter Sensor

The Transmitter Sensor is a new type of sensor that allows you to specify specific actions when a sensor was entered or left. A sensor is an invisible (theoretical) box in the scene that waits for objects to enter or leave it. Kind of like a sensor for automatic doors. With the Transmitter Sensor, you can trigger events such as activating or deactivating objects and playing sounds!

Activator / Deactivator Receiver

The Activator / Deactivator Receiver is a new feature that allows you to activate or deactivate an object when a sensor was triggered. This can be used to create dynamic effects in your games, such as making an object move along a spline once the player is close enough, opening doors when the player steps on a pressure plate, or turning on lights when entering a room.

Viewport ➝ Remix

We have also made some improvements to the Viewport ➝ Remix mode, where you can edit your games in real time. Here are some of the new features and enhancements:

  • Viewport tools menu: We added a new menu on the left side bar that contains tools for creating splines, like ropes - tap the button and drag your finger across the screen to start drawing the spline directly into the scene in real time!
  • Project Sharing: It’s now possible to immediately share a project at any stage, even if it's not quite ready and you want to get feedback from your friends.

  • Hierarchy Active Select: You can now select any component in the Hierarchy view and jump with the camera to it so you have it in the center of your screen.
  • Edit Spline Tool: We added a new tool that allows you to fully edit splines, add points, move points around, close the spline.


We have also added some new components and features to the Gameplay mode, where you can play your games and test them out. Here are some of the new additions:

  • Teleporter: We added a new component that teleports the player from one place to another. Find a comprehensive tutorial on how to use teleporters here.

  • Impulses: We added a new sensor component which adds a physical impulse to an object or player like a jump pad for example.
  • Spline Movement: We added a new component that moves the object along a spline, which is very useful for moving platforms.
  • Pressure Plate: We added a new sensor component that can be triggered like a pressure plate.
  • Physics interpolation: We improved physics simulation for smoother gameplay.
  • Gameplay asset audio: Gameplay elements like coins and finish flags now have a default sound that’s played when interacted with.
  • Audio mixes with background: The app does not pause audio in the background anymore but rather mixes it with whatever is already playing, for example music.


We have also added some new sample projects, where you can play or use different new assets for your game creation:

  • Cypherpunk: A futuristic platformer with a robot ninja protagonist.
  • Space Farce: Continuing the sci-fi trend, a space platformer with our intrepid flamingo astronaut, Fernando!

For the full list of new features and improvements, please check out our patch notes. We hope new and existing users discover something for them in Sceneri 0.6. We are always working hard to make Sceneri better and more fun for you, so stay tuned for more updates and news. And don’t forget to share your feedback and suggestions with us, we love hearing from you. Make a scene!

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