Sceneri Team Game Jam: Teleporters, Secrets and... Flamingos!?

Yesterday, we at Sceneri decided to do something different and fun: a one-hour game jam using our own platform. The goal was to test some of the new features we are working on, such as the brand new Tutorial system, teleporters, spline movement (and many more new gameplay components!) and to see what kind of games we could create in such a short time.

Sceneri Team Game Jam: Teleporters, Secrets and... Flamingos!?

Every participant had to come up with a game idea, design it, and build it using Sceneri. The only rule was that the game had to be playable and enjoyable by the end of the hour, with an additional extra hour for playing and discussing the finished games.

The results were amazing! We had a blast playing each other’s games and seeing how diverse and unexpected they were. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The first game is "Exploring Space", where the player controls Fernando, our intrepid flamingo astronaut who traverses a space level with meteor obstacles and moving platforms. Players need to get to Fernando's home planet or fall into deep space.

The game features assets from our sci-fi levels and you can see a sneak peek into how it was built:

  • The we have "Skyscraper", which looks like a normal platformer where the character runs and jumps above a city skyline and tall buildings, but this time the character is a police car with realistic gravity and collisions from the physics engine. The game used the Asset Library files from several different projects, showcasing how users can mix and match styles and pre-made assets for unexpected fun.

  • Our third game was "Secrets". As the name implies, the player had to solve puzzles and discover the secrets in the level to get to the flag at the other side. The game was created from our Onboarding level, with clever design and very unique mechanics. Is it cheating if some of us tried to solve it by going into Remix mode?

  • Our last game is "Square Route", which is a solid platformer where players need to find hard to reach buttons to activate moving platforms and use tricky teleporters to collect coins and reach the flag. This game also used a mix of assets from different projects, starting with the level design and collectibles from our fantasy project, Stomp Em.

Everyone had a blast, and it was a great bonding experience for our fully remote team! We also encourage you to create your own games using Sceneri, and share them with us and the community. Sceneri is a platform for everyone who loves games, whether you are a beginner or an expert, a casual or a hardcore gamer, a solo or a team player. With Sceneri, you can unleash your imagination and make your own games in minutes.

Thank you for reading, and make a scene!

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