Feature Spotlight: Gizmo & Radial Menu

The gizmo is your ultimate companion, constantly at your side, allowing you to effortlessly shape and manipulate your creations.

Feature Spotlight: Gizmo & Radial Menu

And that's not all as Sceneri brings you the Radial Menu, a gateway to a range of secondary tools, perfectly positioned around the gizmo for seamless standard level creation. With the gizmo and Radial Menu, Sceneri unleashes your creativity and allows you as a creator to embark on a remarkable journey of endless possibilities!

Gizmo and Radial Menu Feature

Duplicate depending on camera orientation

Repeatedly, you'll encounter the need to duplicate objects in your scene, and we've dedicated considerable time and effort to ensuring that this process is as intuitive as can be. Introducing the Duplicate Tool, nestled within the Radial Menu, which cleverly considers your camera orientation, resulting in duplicates aligned with the direction you face. As demonstrated in the image below, you can swiftly mold your scene, effortlessly following the same design flow you would in a game like Minecraft!

Brush tool for quick and easy painting

Among the array of outstanding features that Sceneri offers, one that truly stands out is the remarkable ability to swiftly paint duplicates of objects within your scene using the Brush Tool. Just a simple click on the brush icon in the radial menu will unleash your creativity as you tap or swipe within the scene, effortlessly painting out as many objects as your heart desires! This versatile tool proves invaluable for all types of level design, whether it's adding lush vegetation or scattering debris in a bustling cityscape. The possibilities truly know no bounds!

Snapping for precision placement

During the design process, there are often instances where you crave the luxury of precise offsets, as discussed in the previous section on duplication. Fear not, as Sceneri offers snapping functionality for all transformation types (move, scale, rotate), ensuring flawless seams on modularly designed elements. By default, the position increment is set to 1 meter, while the rotation tool provides flexibility with increments ranging from 45 to 90 degrees, depending on your chosen mode. Take a peek at the accompanying image below to witness how we utilized this feature in the Winter Bliss scene, seamlessly placing coins throughout the environment.

Undoubtedly, the gizmo and Radial Menu in Sceneri are an unbeatable duo that will revolutionize your level design experience. With the gizmo as your faithful companion, you'll effortlessly shape and manipulate your creations, unlocking a world of possibilities. And with the Radial Menu as your gateway, a range of secondary tools awaits, strategically positioned around the gizmo for a seamless level creation process. Whether it's duplicating objects based on your camera orientation, using the Brush Tool for quick and easy painting, or achieving precision placement with snapping, Sceneri has you covered. So, buckle up and embark on a remarkable journey filled with endless creative opportunities. The stage is set, and your imagination is the only limit in this thrilling world of design possibilities.

To unlock a wealth of tips and tricks, make sure to visit our YouTube channel or check out our official Discord, where we delve into the ins and outs of these tools and many others that will guide you on your creative journey!

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