Getting Started with Sceneri: Easy Onboarding for New Users

Discover how you can create, play and share games in Sceneri with this step-by-step guide. Unleash your creativity with our user-friendly interface, comprehensive documentation, and growing community!

Getting Started with Sceneri: Easy Onboarding for New Users

Are you ready to make a scene? This guide will walk you through Sceneri's onboarding process, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience as you embark on your game creation journey.

Step 1: Download Sceneri

Sign up for our Beta if you haven't yet and shortly after you will receive a download link for the platform of your choice. We're currently optimized for iOS devices and working on expanding to more platforms soon.

Step 2: Check out the Explore page and Sample Projects

Sceneri lets you choose your own avatar and explore different sections of its interface. You can find trending creators, sample projects, community-recommended games, and more on the Explore page. This guide will help you understand the layout and navigate Sceneri's interface with ease.

Step 3: Complete the Interactive Onboarding Tutorial

Sceneri offers an interactive onboarding level designed to teach users the basic movement and mechanics in the application. Users will interact with basic components found within all generic platformers such as coins, bridges, moving platforms, and ending flags in order to complete a level.

Step 4: Expand your Knowledge with the Documentation

Maximize your learning potential with Sceneri's comprehensive documentation. From detailed patch notes and updates, to step-by-step guides and tutorials, the documentation is your go-to resource for mastering your craft.

Step 5: Join the Sceneri Community

Join our supportive Sceneri community! Whether following us on social media or joining our official Discord, users will greatly benefit from our enthusiastic creators and experienced developers.

Step 6: Bring Your Vision to Life with Your First Project


Put your newfound knowledge to use and start creating your first project in Sceneri. Select a game concept, explore the extensive asset library, and build your game world using Sceneri's intuitive editor. Let your creativity flourish as you shape a unique gaming experience.

Step 7: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Through testing and iteration with our remixing tools, users can ensure the quality of their projects. Identify and address any bugs or issues, and leverage the feedback from the Sceneri community to improve your game and make it even more fun.

Step 8: Publish and Share Your Creation

Share your completed game with the world in seconds, only one tap required. Hone your skills as a game developer by allowing others to play, give feedback and even remix your creation.

Congratulations on embarking on your game development journey with Sceneri! Discover a seamless onboarding experience with Sceneri's user-friendly interface, extensive documentation, and ever-growing community. This step-by-step guide equips you with the knowledge and confidence to unleash your creativity. Dive into the exciting world of game development with Sceneri and let your adventure begin!

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