Sceneri’s New Update: Our Most User-Friendly Version Yet!

Jam-packed with improvements to empower creators and make players enjoy even more engaging gaming experiences.

Sceneri’s New Update: Our Most User-Friendly Version Yet!

Whether your goal is to play or create, you will find something to love in Sceneri's 0.5 update. This update is packed with new features and improvements that make Sceneri even more intuitive and fun. Users will find several UX and UI improvements, plus new ways to interact with the community of creators. Here are some of the highlights:

Player avatars and profile page: You can now customize your own profile page with your avatar and short bio. You can also see your projects, likes, number of plays, and followers.

Unique project names: You can now give your projects unique names that reflect your game idea and style. You can also edit your project names at any time.

Project publishing: You can now publish your projects to make them available for everyone to play and edit.

Enable Grid in Settings menu: Added a toggle option in the Settings menu for grid visibility.

Improved Radial menu with physics grab & spline distributor: An ongoing task is to provide a more intuitive radial menu. Additionally to grabbing and moving objects, it is now possible distribute objects along a spline or add physics to elements.

Inspector categories: The inspector panel has been redesigned to make it easier to find and edit the properties of your objects.

Respawn sensor component: The respawn sensor component lets you create checkpoints and respawn points in your game. You can use it to make it more challenging and fun.

New Add Data Component panel: The Add Data Component panel has been improved to make it easier to add and edit data components and experiment with different game behaviors and logic. For example, you can use the rotation data component to rotate an object based on a numeric value.

New Physics Body Component: As part of the Add Data Component, the Physics Body Component lets you add physics behavior to your objects. It is possible to enable or disable sleeping mode, which makes objects stop moving when they are not active, and adjust the mass of your objects to affect how they interact with other elements in the level.

Instant rotate button: The instant rotate button lets you quickly rotate your objects by 90 degrees in any direction, making it easier to align objects to the grid or other objects.

Gameplay Reset: The gameplay reset feature lets you restart your game from the beginning without losing your progress or changes in the editor mode. This is useful for testing your game or fixing bugs.

Gameplay camera controls: The gameplay camera controls let you adjust how the camera behaves in your game. You can choose between different modes such as follow, orbit, or free. You can also change the camera speed, distance, angle, and field of view.

Audio asset search and library: Users can now browse from a library of free sounds provided by Sceneri which you can use in your game creations. It is also possible to preview and edit your audio assets in the asset browser.

Sound spot component: The sound spot component lets you add sound effects to your game. You can choose from a variety of sounds such as music, ambient, or UI sounds. You can also adjust the volume, pitch, loop, and spatialization of your sounds.

Panel overhaul: The Hierarchy, Add Component, Inspector and Asset Browser panels have been redesigned for ease of use. You can now resize, collapse, or dock the panels to suit your preference.

These are just some of the new features and improvements included in Sceneri's 0.5. We're constantly working to make more intuitive creation tools while providing players with a more fun gameplay experience, so we hope you enjoy them and have fun creating, playing, and publishing games. Share all your feedback and suggestions on our official Discord. And don’t forget to sign up for the beta if you haven’t already! Thank you for being part of our community and stay tuned for more updates!

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