Explore the possibilities! A guide to Sceneri's starter games

Explore the possibilities with Sceneri's starter games! From fantasy worlds to Mars exploration, our app offers endless ways to let your creativity flow.

Explore the possibilities! A guide to Sceneri's starter games

Calling all gamers and creators! Sceneri is the perfect app for players like you who love to experiment and create new worlds, from your phone, laptop or any device around. Our app offers a range of sample projects that cater to different interests and needs, and you can use them to showcase your creativity and design skills. We promise many more samples as we continue development, so check out our first game samples to start your very own dev journey:

Slight Heist

Slight Heist is an urban setting sample that offers a range of props for your platform creation. We created a simple layout consisting of two distinct sections with bases on each side. For players, the main battle takes place once you reach the opposite end. For remixers, anything goes! Did you know that one of our designers was inspired by Halo for this sample?

Buggy Bash

Our first sample including vehicles! The protagonist in this project is a dune buggy that you race through a bubbly toon environment. Buggy Bash comes with jumps and bridges to navigate through, along with several checkpoints in the level to keep track of your best times.

Robo Runner

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Robo Runner is an obstacle course sample that is designed to test game mechanics within the engine. You will be tested with numerous rotating and oscillating spline objects, along with physical properties on object surfaces that can restrict or propel the players' movement. For users looking for the ultimate challenge, effortlessly add more obstacles to the level and take it as far as you (or your friends) can handle!


Cubely is our most basic demonstration of voxel or cube-based design within Sceneri. With this style we wanted to provide a simple introduction to snapping objects and easy level design. This is not a unique setup as most of our samples employ this snapping technique, with increasingly complex objects placed in the scene. Practice snapping and check out the other samples we provide for more complex arrangements!

Stomp Em

Stomp Em is a platformer sample that is an excellent example of the standard mechanics particular to this genre. You can find clever ways to combine collectibles and hazards to form engaging gameplay. The entire map is snapped together, making it efficient to use the paint tool in the Design Tools to expand the level design.

Rogue Mars

Rogue Mars is a space scene we provide that has basic platformer gameplay, along with animated objects within the scene. The scene is separated into small, medium, and large form objects to quickly world-build. You will find mounds and predefined layouts for buildings with full pathing already laid out.


Formula is our typical F1 race track, which also allows for excellent AR racing if the ground is removed. Within the sample, you will find a race car and the countdown module for predefined game rules immediately when you jump in to play.

To sum it all up, Sceneri offers endless possibilities for gamers who love to play, build and create. Whether you're interested in fantasy worlds, racing, space exploration or platformers, Sceneri has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for beta now and start making a scene!

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