Bring your ideas to life in Sceneri 0.4, available now!

The team is proud to follow-up our initial closed beta release with Sceneri 0.4, with a global asset library and many new features.

Bring your ideas to life in Sceneri 0.4, available now!

We are thrilled to announce the official release of Sceneri 0.4! This update includes a variety of new features and tools that will help you create your own games on the Sceneri platform.

One of the key updates is the revamped Asset Library, users will notice it contains assets from all of our projects which can be simply dragged and dropped into the level. This makes it easier to find the exact asset you need to make a scene.

In this update we’ve also included audio presets with projects, along with audio spots, and a new look to our context UI that puts the tools you need in the moment right at your fingertips. We have full game loops and menus within our samples, so your game can seamlessly go from start to finish! And time sensitive games now start with a countdown before gameplay. Here's a breakdown of what else we've included:

Sample Content

Within the newest Sceneri release we have coupled all sample content into the asset library while also giving several new samples to showcase the platform and its tools. We start by shipping Slight Heist which gives an urban setting and numerous props for a platform sample. This sample was derived off the Shooter Pack given by Quaternius and then laid out in a traditional FPS layout.

Along with Slight Heist we are shipping Rogue Mars that gives a world building kit for a space scene and rugged low poly Mars landscaping. Originally designed by as a Space Kit, we have expanded the pack to be far more modular and larger pieces to quickly build out.

Play & Remix from Explore

Choose to either play or remix projects directly from the explore page. No need to jump into a game before starting your own creation!


Sceneri now provides default audio presets with projects, along with audio spots. With our flexible audio solution we can import a wide variety of file types to get the exact sound or music required for a game. We look to expand on our audio implementation and utilizing the rich features of OpenAL in future releases.

Context UI

New context UI puts the tools you need in the moment right at your fingertips. Avoiding the cluttered UI and focusing on snapping when you need to snap or editing points when in the spline tool.

Transparent UI

We've introduced transparency to our user interface for a sleeker look. Look for us to expand this to more Editor panels in future releases.

Game Loops & Menus

We now have full game loops and menus within our samples, to allow your game to go from start to finish! By default we support platforms and racing types. Utilizing the gameplay mechanics inside of the asset library you can apply an end game condition to your levels with the Finish Flag asset.


Time sensitive games, now start with a countdown before jumping into gameplay.

Gravity Components

The new gravity components allow you to change the gravitational forces in the scene. Decoupling gravity from the application allows you as the designer or player to run or trigger gravity changes within your game.

For the full list of features and improvements, please check out our Patch Notes. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you can go right ahead and sign up for the Beta. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Show us your creations on Discord and our social media channels and don’t forget to check out the Explore page in the app to play or remix other projects.

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