Sceneri, the new mobile-first platform for no-code game and experience creation, raises $1.5M from SNÖ Ventures

Startup will democratize game development with a platform to make and distribute games from mobile devices

Sceneri, the new mobile-first platform for no-code game and experience creation, raises $1.5M from SNÖ Ventures

Sceneri today announces that we have raised $1.5 million from SNÖ Ventures. The app is currently in a private beta, with the goal of bringing game creation to a wide casual audience worldwide.

Forged as a new platform for creating, playing, and sharing user-generated games on mobile and desktop, Sceneri’s plan for the investment is to continue building out their game creation platform for a new generation of creators where mobile devices and ease of development is at the foreground. 

Teodor Bjerrang, Founding Partner at SNÖ Ventures, which invests in visionary entrepreneurs leading early stage, transformative Nordic tech companies, said: “We invest in disruptive technologies and platforms with leaders who have deep experience in their field. Sceneri’s simple yet powerful platform will democratize game development so that anyone can release their creativity and create and distribute amazing experiences from almost any device, without prior experience. We believe that reducing the barriers to entry for game development will unleash a new generation of creators and innovative games.”

Sceneri is guided by the motto “Everything. Everywhere.” It is focused on empowering anybody to create games from scratch without coding experience on the device of their choosing, including those that fit in their pocket. The company was founded in 2020 by Filip Lundgren – who oversaw Poppermost Productions in the development of SNOW for PS4 and PC as well as LootLocker, a live game backend service now serving as a separate entity – and Collin Bishop who previously oversaw the development of CRYENGINE while working at Crytek. The team includes veterans who have worked at Crytek, Arkane, Massive, Embark, and Avalanche.

For the last two years, Sceneri has worked to support the no-code movement, creating a suite of development tools that enable the expression and creation of original ideas while eliminating the technical hurdles that previously held back many creators. Built on the concept of community iteration, the Sceneri platform offers a vast amount of projects and resources that users can play, remix, and share, allowing its community to express their creativity based on simple components and assets available from the Sceneri marketplace. 

“What sets us apart is our meticulous attention to detail on an architectural and user experience level,'' said Filip Lundgren, CTO, Sceneri. ”By revisiting and reinventing established game development norms, we are creating a uniquely intuitive app for a new generation of creators. We are drawing upon our collective experience of developing games, tools, and film to create a platform that scales by putting design and usability first.”

Sceneri CEO Collin Bishop explained: “Sceneri allows creators to access mobile-first tools for complete end-to-end game creation and publishing.The Sceneri platform features drag-and-drop game mechanics, asset streaming, embedded game services, publishing, and rich analytics, alongside a vast amount of assets and projects to remix and share. It’s an end-to-end platform that anyone, on almost any device, can use to create unique games and experiences.”

Sleek branding and a solid user experience are the two pillars that provide Sceneri with the elements to recruit creators and companies to the platform. The platform also provides integrated augmented reality development on-the-go and provides an environment for metaverse creation.


“When looking at competitors you will see older monolithic architecture designed for desktop game development that doesn’t scale to mobile devices nor the habits and expectations of the new generation of creators. With this in mind we have sought to reinvent game creation with new user experience patterns, keeping the install size of the package under 15mb and startup at 500 milliseconds,” said Lundgren.

Sceneri will grow the gaming platform on mobile, firstly on iOS, targeting iPads and iPhones. The platform is being optimized to target the full suite of available Apple devices, keeping the engine lightweight and modular to run on low to high-end hardware. 

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